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Add Attrib select channel on OTL 2022年11月25日14:05

names = set()
for input in hou.pwd().inputs():
    geo = input.geometry()
    for attribs in geo.pointAttribs(), geo.vertexAttribs():
        names.update([a.name() for a in attribs if a.dataType() == hou.attribData.Float])
return [x for pair in [(n, n) for n in sorted(names)] for x in pair]

For future reference

RBD WORKFLOW H18 2022年10月6日5:14


This issue has been addressed in Houdini 19.5
Most of the nodes do not fully load when opening the scene, but only when cooking/unlocking them.
This is a huge performance boost for heavy scene containing large HDA (like the RBD Material Fracture).

Thanks SideFX!! You are the best!

MapBox imagery resolution? 2021年10月4日12:31

I am testing Mapbox on Steroids in H17.5
I am trying to extract a piece of terrain at the maximum resolution possible (16k).

The color map is fine. The height map seems compressed.(blocky)
Is anyone experiencing the same issue?
and if so any workaround?

From Mapbox documentation:
"0.1 meter height increments. Data is mapped to 0.1 meter height increments, which gives it the vertical precision necessary for cartographic and 3D applications."

https://docs.mapbox.com/help/troubleshooting/access-elevation-data/ [docs.mapbox.com]

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