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Using RealFlow Import/Export plug-ins 2022年4月25日16:48


I haven’t updated the source code in years and have decided to not support the project any longer.

I know there are a number of ways to export/import data to and from Houdini and Real Flow. My best advice would be to post the question on the Side EFX and odforce forums.

Take care,

Hi, sorry for my english but i use google translate.

I have to export from Houdini to Realflow, and I was wondering if things have changed today, or if they have simplified, or is everything the same as almost 20 years ago?

I downloaded Houdini 19 for free from the official website, but I am new to this software, can any of you help me please?

A thousand thanks.

Programmers for a 3D camera scanner system 2017年3月6日18:52

And more detail … they just sent this to me.

***This is NOT a website developer position***
-Understand camera imaging and control by smart and efficient algorithms
-Experience with Image processing/machine learning/computer vision/signal processing
-Linux 4 Tegra OS
-Nvidia ISP
-Writing camera drivers
-TCP/UDP, Multicast, sockets, Ethernet
-OpenCV (Image processing in Linux environment)
-Ability to quickly learn and use various tools and libraries
-Experience optimizing performance of camera applications (faster image capture, stereo)
-C/C++ software development, embedded Linux system
Preference will be given to those:
-have experience writing/understanding camera drivers
-Intimate knowledge of photogrammetry and processes for generating 3d models
- Lidar and point cloud generation in moving applications
We will only respond those who submit their resume.
Job Type: Contract
Required experience:
Programming: 5 years

Programmers for a 3D camera scanner system 2017年3月6日16:50

Additional info from the company: 

We are looking for someone who has a strong back ground in photogrammetry (can generate 3d models from still images as well as video) as well as understanding lidar scanning in addition to c++ and python…