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Connect points, looking (aiming) to each other. VEX. 2022年12月6日2:08

Hello, the mighty community! I just want to share my wires implementation in a small building generator I finally finished. More about the project here: []

Connect points, looking (aiming) to each other. VEX. 2020年10月25日14:45

Hooray, the problem has been solved! Many thanks to repliers.

Konstantin Magnus, appreciate your setup, straight-forward. But it's a little bit too simple for my needs.

Aizatulin, holy moly, that's some serious VEX magic happening. A robust production-ready tool with tons of knobs. Exactly what I need!

Connect points, looking (aiming) to each other. VEX. 2020年10月25日4:57

Hello, the mighty community! After an intensive search on the SideFX forum, Odforce forum, and YouTube I didn't find any good results.

1) Here is my simple procedural building, and I need to create horizontal hanging wires over it.
2) I have scattered points on the convex edges with normals pointing outward.
3) Then I need to connect those points without intersection with the building and taking into account their direction: only points, looking (aiming) to each other, should be connected with the line.
4) My idea is to use “dot product” and compare point normals between each other, then connect points, which “dot product” is closer to a certain threshold. My preferable way is to work with the VEX code.
5) Operations with point clouds (“pcopen”, “pgfind”, etc.) are might be helpful. Next tutorials might be helpful too:

Naive Path Finding []

Understanding the DOT product! []

DIY Scatter Tool Solving Problems in Houdini []

Attaching .hip file to this topic.
Looking forward, and thank you for any help!