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PDF/TOPs Time time dependent simulation 2022年12月22日11:00

Actually I have just figure out the problem with the ROP path and it’s all working fine now.. the one problem I’m currently stuck on is to generate all the alembic simulation into one alembic file.

I have tried this in TOPs through ROP fetch to produce one file and also tried in Geo, using alembic (import 0-1500 abc) - alembic output. But either way isn’t working. Can someone please help on this?

PDF/TOPs Time time dependent simulation 2022年12月22日2:10

What are you trying to do?

There is no reason for wedge number to be changing with time

Wedge number is just a unique label for each for your simulations

Then whether per wedge you have different animated values that influence your sim that's up to you, but it really depends on what you are trying to do

Thanks Tomas, I was slowly working that part out and the problem is resolved now.
I am trying to use TOPs to simulate my SOP accordingly to the float imported by csv attributes.
and I am currently stuck on another problem, to simulate and export one alembic files from ROPalembic node and ROP Fetch.
The ROPalembic node gave me the warning that says "Invalid or empty node path '' reference by target ROP node."

The method Im currently using was working before but somehow its stucked and I have been trying to fix this on updating ROP path etc, but haven't had much luck. Could you please advice on this? Thanks

PDF/TOPs Time time dependent simulation 2022年12月19日4:41

Hi there,

I was just trying to set up a Wedge in TOPNET that is simulating per $T like in normal SOP, however, when I have set up the Wedge with attribute name and type, the node feedback says it cannot be run as below:

Parameter '/obj/topnet1/wedge1 Values' cannot be animated or time dependent.


No work item to use when evaluating PDG attribute access in '/obj/geo1/the_dream_city1/explodedview_scale'

The simulation can only work with one value, which means it's not changing along with the frame.

I wonder if there are any ways could work around this?