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FFX Collection showcases a variety of topics within Houdini. Builds include FLIP, RBD, Vellum, POP, Pyro Solver, SOPs, VOPs, VEX, LOPs, TOPs, Karma, and Material X.


Simply choose the build you want and click "Build It". The tool will generate the entire build for you automatically. By default there is Network box organization to help understand the flow and processes that are occurring. Additionally there are annotated tips, and explainer sticky notes to help with techniques and expressions used. These annotations are also optional and can be turned off before building a network setup.

All builds involve a variety of techniques and contain lots of useful information. Each "category" is defined by the primary method used for each build solution. Be that by SOP nodes directly, VEX code, VOPs network, or even by simulation type like Vellum, FLIP, RBD, or PyroSolver.



Houdini Educator and Consultant

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