Houdini tutorial VOL 02

Houdini Training Package number 2:

Educator : Amin Sadeghvand |
Software : HOUDINI 15.5 |
Level : High |
Duration : 14 hr |
Volume : 4.6 GB|
Quality : HD |
Language : English .

Houdini tutorial VOL 02

Part 01

Simulating chocolateIn this tutorial you will learn a practical and principled way to create dense liquids like chocolate and using the techniques you learn here and changing some parameters and you’re own creativity, you can create liquids such as: honey, cream, lava and etc.

Part 02

Motion graphics and dynamics 01In this tutorial you will learn some basics of creating motion graphics and cobining it with houdini’s dynamic system. You will create a useful digital asset. as we move on you will learn how to enable and disable part of a dynamic object so in a time period it will start activating and this way it will help you to create a more beatiful effect.

Part 03

Creating a Realistic FireThis tutorial will help you create amazing fires using houdini’s very powerful and also physical PyroFx system. which will consist of precisely setting the dynamic parametrs and also building an appropriate shader for youre fire.

Part 04

Motion Graphics and dynamics 02 This is a 3 part tutoriallesson oneby using Houdini’s particle system and combining it with some of other houdini’s practical tools that are going to help you create connections like intertwining lines and you can produce diffrent effects by just changing some parameters. Also in this lesson after the final render you will learn to composite youre shot using Fusion.lesson twoBy using velocity, which is responsible for calculating the speed behaviour, you will learn how you can create beautiful effects of massive amounts of intertwining lines.lesson threeYou will learn how to use some of houdini’s default nodes and tools to create effects like complex spheres and apply diffrent actions to them.

Part 05

Dynamic simulation of fracturing a moving objectThis part of our tutorial is going to help you manage youre moving objects by using houdini’s dynamic tools, and also make youre object fracture based on the time that you define for it.

Part 06

Motion Graphics and Dynamics 03We’re going to continue our motion graphics training by doing three very useful exercisesFirst we are going to create a scene full of colorful objects with fluctuations in scale and a wide color range which you can easily animate.Second, randomly extruding objects and creating diffrent colors based on velocity calculations on objects, and after that we’re going to render this effect and add Depth of field to it.And finally we’re going to create a particle morph effect, and also create diffrent groups and sections which can all happen from one single emitter.this way you can manage youre emitter’s action through diffrent groups and section.

Part 07

Simulating an Ocean 01In this part of our tutorial you’ll learn how to create seas and oceans in a traditional way.Then we’re going to move on creating a foam effect on top of our ocean.And also how we can create rocks and boulders for our sea.And later on I’m going to show you the procedure of how to create a wavy ocean with reallistic simulation.

Part 08

Simulating an Ocean 02to continue our previous lesson we’re going to show you how to adjust the settings and parameters for creating reallistic foam for youre ocean. And also you will be introduced to wet maps which is going to be applied to the beach to make it look wet.And later on I’m going to show you how to create a high quality mesh of youre ocean and rendering it with right ssettings and after that how to composite this ocean inside Fusion.

Part 09

Complete and professional training on VDB techniquesIn this part you’ll be learning everything about VDBs. This is a very essential and practical tool inside Houdini and learning it gives Houdini artists the ability to continue using this professional software with more power and creativity. In this Part I try to teach you most of VDB’s practical capabilities with many examples and doing it in a project context.

Part 10

Creating Reallistic RainIn this part you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to create a reallitic rain effect from pouring the rain to creating a water surface and making the raing drops collide with this surface. After this part you’ll be able to simulate you’re own rain effect and render it.

Part 11

Principles of Objects Demolition and it’s techniques 01In this very practical tutorial you’ll be introduced to diffrent ways and tools to fracture an object. And then I’m going to teach you how to demolish more comlex objects such as a house part by part and also how to apply diffrent types of demolition to each part based on it’s material.

Part 12

Principles of Objects Demolition and it’s techniques 02To continuee fracturing the house you’ll be introduced to how you can apply dynamics and physics simulation to make it more reallistic. And also you’ll learn how to demolish this house completely.And also you’ll learn how to apply somke and dust to this house as it falls.And finally create a complete demolition scene and reder it out.




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