Part 1

  1. full training installation houdiny.
  2. description of the environment and interface of Houdini. 
  3. Introduction menu and tools viewport.
  4. Introduction and explanation about shelfs.
  5. Start working with Houdini and understanding the topology and structure of this software. 
  6. Making of project and import in Houdini. 
  7. Introduce lighting and rendering. 8-lighting/camera making material and texturing.

Part 2

  1. Introduction with toolbar-network-network editor(explain about:img-chop-vex-shop-out-obj parts)
  2. Training creat contains tools:metaball-L system-plantoni solid cureve and draw-spray paint.
  3. Training and explain some of applied nodes.4-training construction of cracked earth and training rendering and output.

Part 3

  1. Beginning expressions. 
  2. Attributes - create and group.
  3. Particle system. 
  4. Dop network environment. 
  5. Make explosion color particle.

Part 4

  1. Introduce Houdini's Mantra rendering engine part first(familiar motion blur-dof-displasment).
  2. Introduce rigid body dynamics including RBD packed object,RBD glue object, deforming object and make breakable)

Part 5

  1. (simulation sand) training tools grains include (dry sand-wet sand-sand-box-rbd grains Ypres sand-granular solid)

Part 6

  1. training tools flip fluid(part one’s include: flip fluid from-Emit particle fluid-flip tank-flip object-flip solver)

Part 7

  1. Houdini Engine | Full training Houdini assets export from Houdini to Maya.
  2. How to make digital assets. 
  3. How to make a create water asset.

Part 8

  1. Finite element solver.
  2. Soft body-rigid body-organic.
  3. Chopping objects with solid tools

Part 9

  1. Tearing effect.
  2. Training and understand tool solver.
  3. Make digital assets.

Part 10

  1. Raining make really clouds in Houdini.
  2. Training make really smoke and really shsders.
  3. Training part first Pyro FX

Part 11

  1. Wire solver.
  2. Hair and fur.
  3. Grooming. syllabus

Part 12

  1. Viscous fluids.
  2. Pyro fx.
  3. Second lava.



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