This dialog lets you set up exports for CHOP channels track-by-track.

To access this window, click RMB a CHOP and select Exporter - Set Scope.

CHOP Filter

Regular expression to determine which node(s) will be show tracks in the lister.

For example, /ch/ch1/wave1 will show only the tracks in that specific CHOP. */wave1 will list all the tracks in all CHOPs named wave1.

Use the left/right arrow buttons to the left to scroll through the filter history.

All Channels/Exported Channels/Non-Exported Channels

Which tracks/channels inside each CHOP will be shown.

“All” shows every track.

“Exported Channels” shows only channels which are successfully exported to some other OP in Houdini. This includes links created with drag and drop, this dialog, or with the export prefix.

“Non-Exported” shows tracks which do not override anything.


Reloads all the export states and CHOP channels, syncing them with the rest of Houdini.

Channel list

List of all the scoped CHOPs.

Click the orange button next to a CHOP to set its export flag.

Under the CHOP is a listing of all the channels. If the channel is overriding another parameter, the parameter appears in gray.

Beside the name of the channel is a text box where you can enter the path of a parameter to override. For example, /obj/model/tx will make the channel override the model object’s horizontal position. You can drag a parameter into this box to create a CHOP expression reference, or drag a channel into the right side to set up a channel mapping.


If a channel has a manual mapping, either from this dialog or from drag and drop, the channel will NOT be exported by the Export Prefix method.