This window lets you view and edit gallery entries for any node type.

Gallery entries can specify various categories they belong to, and, in addition, they can also specify sub-categories using a slash delimiter (see save gallery entry dialog for details). The tree presented in the gallery manager window reflects this category hierarchy. By default, the tree nodes are sorted using a custom order, which is defined in a preferences.json file located in the gallery search path. But, other sort orders are available in the RMB menu of the tree.

Import a gallery file. For more information on the import window see File dialog.



Allows you to choose either a small or large display of the gallery icons.


Allows you to filter the gallery files.

Opens the help page for the Gallery Manager window.


Closes the Gallery Manager window.

The preferences.json file lists the custom order in the “categoryOrder” for the main categories, and in “subCategoryOrder” for sub categories. For example,

    "categoryOrder" : ["Generic", "Materials", "Volume", "Utility"],
    "subCategoryOrder" : {
        "Materials" : {
            "categoryOrder" : ["Character", "Liquids", "Metal"]