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Alembic is an interchange file format used to move 3D animation data between software packages.

  1. Choose File ▸ Export ▸ Alembic.

  2. Click the Chooser button next to the File field and pick the file you want to export to.

  3. Click Export to perform the actual export.


This export dialog works by creating a temporary Alembic output driver, setting the parameters, and running the export. For more control, you may want to create an Output Driver and modify the parameters directly.

Time interval options

Export With Take

Houdini take to export.

Valid Frame Range

Determines whether a static single frame or an animation segment is exported.

Export Current Frame

Only the current frame will be exported. The resulting FBX file will contain a static scene only with no animation.

Export Frame Range

A frame range will be exported, as determined by the Start/End/Inc option below. The resulting FBX file will contain one take of animation.


Determines the start frame, end frame, and frame increment to be exported.

Source objects options


Determines the nodes to export. Defaults to *, meaning all objects will be exported.