Houdini 20.0 Reference Windows

Install Digital Asset Library window

Digital Asset Library

Choose the OTL file you want to install. See the File dialog help for more information on selecting a file.

Install Library To

Choose where you want the library to be available.

Advanced Options

If this option is turned on, the library contents of the digital asset will be displayed.

Give preference to assets in this library

Turning this on will make Houdini pick the definitions in the newly installed HDA file as the current definition, and ignore any other definitions or rules for determining precedence. You may want to use this option if you're trying to track down a problem with an HDA, so you're loading an older version into a hip file that’s already using a newer version of the HDA.

Instantiate asset on Enter

Create nodes for the asset being installed if the Enter key is pressed (neither Install and Create or Install is chosen).

Install and Create

Creates nodes for the asset being installed. This is useful when trying assets whose primary purpose is to generate geometry out of the box, such as a car asset, where it might as well plop that geometry down too when installing the asset.


Only install the asset. This is useful for assets whose primary purpose is to be used as tools or utilities, such as an asset for grouping small polygons, since these are usually installed for use later.