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Allows you to adjust Houdini’s UI color settings and color correction options for viewers and color pickers.

User Interface

Color Scheme

Allows you to change Houdini’s color scheme.


Pops open a list of color schemes which have been online posted by users, and allows you download them.


Reloads all color schemes, and adds or removes and schemes that may have been added or deleted to the UI search path. This is only required if you have manually copied a color scheme into the UI path, or have modified one of the color scheme files with a text editor. Downloaded schemes are automatically added.

Gamma / Brightness / Contrast / Saturation

Allows you to adjust the gamma, brightness, contrast, and saturation of Houdini. Only the gadgets in the user interface are affected; viewports and other areas where color is part of the scene is not affected (See Color Correction).

Revert to Defaults

Resets the gamma, brightness, contrast and saturation customizations to the default Houdini settings. Pressing 'Esc' will also reset the colors, in case the button cannot be seen.

These settings are saved for all graphical Houdini applications.

Color Correction

Houdini has a global gamma and LUT (lookup-table) setting. Gamma can be used as a simple color correction, while LUTs can provide much more advanced color correction.

This tab allows you to set the gamma and LUT for the following areas:

  • Color Pickers and Swatches

  • Save Image Dialog

  • 3D Viewport

  • 3D Flipbook

  • Render Region tool

  • COP and Render Views

  • Interactive Renders (ip)

If the toggle is checked, the global gamma and LUT is applied to the viewer or tool. This setting is saved in the hip file. To make these settings the default for all Houdini sessions, click “Save As Default”. Gamma and LUT settings saved in the hip file have precedence over the default Houdini settings.


The 3D Flipbook and Render Region tool will follow the 3D Viewport’s color correction settings if they do not have their own color settings applied. They can be enabled independently without the 3D Viewport being enabled, in case color correction is not desired in the viewport.