Look in

The directory path you want to look in.

New Folder

Creates a new directory inside the current directory. If you do not have permission to write to the current directory, this button is disabled.

Directory list

Shows the sub-directories inside the current directory. Click a directory name to go into that directory.

File list

Shows the files in the current directory. Only files matching the extension in the Show files matching field are listed.


Adds the selected directory to your favorites.


Removes the selected directory from your favorites.

Show sequences as one entry

Displays sequences of files as a single entry. When the file dialog is opened to filter images, an additional menu appears which changes how the image sequence is generated from a numbered filename:

Frame Range

A basic frame range, start to end frame with an optional frame step. The number is replaced by $F when collapsing the sequence, possibly with a padding digit ($F4).


UDIM texture sequence starting at 1001 for tiled textures. U and V are determined from the frame number, with U ranging from 1-10 and V incrementing for each 10. Frame 1001 is considered (0,0). The number is replaced by <UDIM> when collapsing the sequence.

UV Tile

UV Tile texture sequence with two numbers determining the U and V. The first number is replaced by %(U)d and the second by %(V)d when collapsing the sequence.


The name of the file to load/save.

Show files matching

Allows you to narrow search results by specifying the extension of the file.

Tips ΒΆ

  • You can use ~ to pull up the file chooser in the network window.

  • You can click RMB in the dialog to turn on Show Images and Show Hidden Files.