Houdini 20.0 Reference Windows

Edit Channel Properties window

This window allows you to edit channel properties in a small spreadsheet.

To access this window, click RMB on a parameter in the Channel List or the Parameter Editor and select Channels > Edit Channel Properties. You can get multiple rows in the table if you click RMB on a vector parameter label.

Channel Column

Label with the full parameter name.


Aliases can be assigned to channels by typing the new alias. To delete an alias, enter the channel’s original name or clear the alias.

Before/After Extrapolation

Allows you to choose the extrapolation method to use when evaluating the channel outside the keyframe range. Holding ⌃ Ctrl or ⇧ Shift while dragging will create a rectangle selection to edit multiple cells at the same time.


Use the channel default value.


Hold the last evaluated value.


Keep on evaluating the last segment even if the time is outside the channel keyframe range.


Cycle the animation in the keyframe range. It’s important for the first and last keyframes to have the same values and slopes to prevent jumps in the cycle.


Keep a linear slope from the last value.

Cycle Offset

Cycle the animation in the keyframe range but accumulate the offset between the first and last keyframes. This is useful when creating a cycle on a translation that keeps on moving forward.


Cycle the animation in the keyframe range but flip the value at each interval.


Shows a button colored with the channel color. Click the button to open the Color Editor and change the color.


The unnamed checkbox column to the right of the button shows the state of the custom color. If the color is different from its default value, the checkbox will be checked. Unchecking it resets the color to its default value.