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This window lets you import the objects from an Alembic scene archive (.abc) file into the object level.

To access this window, choose File ▸ Import ▸ Alembic Scene.



Path to the Alembic archive (.abc) file.

Filter Options

Scene Mode

Whether to import Alembic as a full object hierarchy or load geometry into a single SOP node.


Turns on the Build Hierarchy With Channel References parameter in the Alembic Archive object.

Object Path

A path to one or more objects inside the archive. If specified, the node will load only these object and their children. The default is blank, which means load all the geometry in the archive.

Start Frame

The Alembic first frame at which to sample the geometry. The first frame is imported into frame 1 of Houdini. The next sampled frame is imported into frame 2, etc.

Frames per second

Combined with the Frame parameter, this is used to convert Alembic’s time-based animation to Houdini frames. The default is $FPS (Houdini’s current frames-per-second setting). If the archive file was created with a different FPS, you will need to enter it here.

Load As

How to load the Alembic geometry into Houdini:

Alembic Delayed Load Primitives

These custom primitives are light-weight and display faster in the viewport. They're not as full featured as other Houdini primitive types (i.e. ray-tracing is not very accurate), but you can convert them to other primitive types if necessary.

Load Houdini Geometry

Convert the Alembic primitives to use native Houdini geometry.

Houdini Point Cloud

Load the P attribute from the Alembic primitives as a Houdini point cloud. Currently, this doesn’t load any attributes other than P.

Houdini Boxes

Load only the bounding boxes of the Alembic primitives.