Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 18.5.632 Improved performance for very large, non-Houdini texture maps that aren't stored as tiled texture maps (i.e. .tif or .exr). We now set the autotile size to 512 (instead of 64) and turn on autoscanline in the default OPENIMAGEIO_IMAGECACHE_OPTIONS options. 水. 7月 7, 2021
Houdini 18.5.632 Fixed an error in the Test Simulation: Crowd Transition SOP when the inital clip was an aliased clip from the clip properties. 水. 7月 7, 2021
Houdini 18.5.632 Fixed a bug in the Agent Clip Transition Graph SOP where the guide geometry did not correctly display aliased clips from the clip properties. 水. 7月 7, 2021
Houdini 18.5.632 Fixed a bug with the Wedge TOP not always producing consistent random values between cooks when using a custom seed. 水. 7月 7, 2021
Houdini 18.5.632 Added two new methods to HAPI which can be used to locate the main geometry output nodes of an Object or SOP node:
  • HAPI_GetOutputGeoCount
  • HAPI_GetOutputGeoInfos
水. 7月 7, 2021
Houdini 18.5.632 Fixed an issue where disabling folders and rebuilding would change all the parameters in that folder to their default values. 水. 7月 7, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 Fixed a bugs causing measure sop to crash on position attributes that were not compatible with vector3 or when computing Laplacian over geometries with boundary. 火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 Version 2:
  • Fixed Houdini Materials and Textures being recreated/converted multiple times if the same material was assigned to multiple parts. This was easily the case when using packed primitives. This greatly improve cook times on assets that generate unreal materials from Houdini materials.
  • Fixed HDAs not recreating/updating their output meshes when only a Part had changed. This could be the case for example when just modifying a houdini material parameter, but not the actual geometry.
火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 Use the help URL instead of the help string if it is enabled. 火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 The File SOP when encounters a file with a # qualifier will no longer cowardly refuse to load it if in Empty on error mode. 火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 The implicit creation of hou.Ramp in hou.SopVerb from un-flattened parameters will now replicate scalar ramp values, fixing problems with some code that read alpha rather than red channels. Likewise, basis values of Bezier and higher will be properly decoded. 火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 Attribute String Edit SOP no longer hangs when replacing * with x with global replace turned on. Numerous other boundary cases have been resolved. 火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631
  • Fixed an issue where BSP input would invoke a recook at the start of every unreal session. Note that you have to recook and save the map again for this fix to be applied.
  • Fixed an issue where HDAs with editable curves and mesh outputs were not being recooked properly at the start of an unreal session.
火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 Fixed a GL crash in LOPs when a mesh's polygon count is reduced without the geometry subset indices being re-authored to the new count. 火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.631 Fixed bug in Edit Target Layer LOP that would cause the modified layer to lose its metadata, particularly the Default Primitive which could cause references to the modified layer to stop working. 火. 7月 6, 2021
Houdini 18.5.630 Version 2:
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment when splitting instancers.
  • The Instancer Translator now stores and uses the original instance indices. This fixes a lot of issues where attributes would not be read/applied properly when splitting instancers. (ie, generic attributes, tags..)
月. 7月 5, 2021
Houdini 18.5.630 Fixed bugs in hou.UIEventDevice() where some keys (like Ins, Home, Pad1, etc) were not properly supported. 月. 7月 5, 2021
Houdini 18.5.630 New addTriggerUpdateCallback and removeTriggerUpdateCallback methods were added to the hou.ui module. These register callbacks that are run when the user triggers an explicit update while in Manual update mode. 月. 7月 5, 2021
Houdini 18.5.627 Attribute From Parameters SOP will now gain proper dependencies on multiparms when in Flatten Multiparm mode. 金. 7月 2, 2021
Houdini 18.5.627
  • The Houdini proxy meshes now supports calculating normals if the output mesh from the HDA did not provide any. This fixes render differences with the refined Static Mesh.
  • Fixed the Houdini icon displayed above Houdini ProxyMeshes not always being placed properly.
  • Public API: The various Set*ParameterValue functions now return false only if an error occurs or an invalid value is given. Previously the functions also returned false if the parameter already had the new value, which was not the expected behaviour.
金. 7月 2, 2021
Houdini 18.5.627 Fixed bug where hou.Geometry.edgeLoop() did not accept a list consisting of a single edge when the full_loop_per_edge argument was set to true. 金. 7月 2, 2021
Houdini 18.5.624 Fixed issue with multiparms displaying incorrectly when the first instance starts at 0. 火. 6月 29, 2021
Houdini 18.5.624 Fixed crash when turning payload loading on or off on a scene with instancing of payloaded assets. 火. 6月 29, 2021
Houdini 18.5.623 Fixed an issue with batch work items with failed dependencies being left in a waiting state, instead of cleanly failing. 月. 6月 28, 2021
Houdini 18.5.623 Fixed potential crash rendering cryptomatte layer with packed primtives, if the matching user property wasn't declared on the primitives. 月. 6月 28, 2021