Sci Fi Level Builder

This procedural Level Builder uses a single curve to create the walls, ceiling and floor along with doors and props. This brings together Sci Fi panels, crates and tanks into a single tool that makes it easy to generate a complete level inside Unity. This asset can be used with the Houdini Engine for Unity plug-in to bring the digital asset into the game editor for direct manipulation and assignment of prefabs and materials. You can learn how to create this kind of asset by working through the SCI-FI LEVEL BUILDER TUTORIAL.

NOTE: This asset uses the SideFX Labs tools. Make sure they are installed when using these tools.



Simon is a tech Artist that loves building procedural tools and assets. By adding more and more procedural approaches to his workflow, he is able to build 3D models with speed and flexibility. During his studies at Digital Arts and Entertainment, he taught himself how to work with Houdini. After his studies, he started working on Ary and the Secret of Seasons at eXiin. Currently he is a Houdini freelancer and focuses on creating procedural content.

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  • 9Victry 1 年, 4 ヶ月 前  | 

    this is awesome thanks for sharing

  • PavelGameDev 9 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

    Thanks for your hard work.
    Your lessons help me a lot in mastering Houdini. I have a suggestion: you can record a lesson - how to make buildings for games that a character can enter, how to equip these buildings with assets, texture, etc. And how to use it in UE4. Thank you in advance!

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