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Hello all,

I have been trying to find complete documentation for the deployment of Houdini 10 across multiple computers.

Specifically, I am looking for documentation for the installation, configuration and operation of HQueue server, HBatch and anything else to do with building a Mantra renderfarm and simulation farm.

I know that I am missing something easy here on the SFX website documentation-wise but as it is I seem to keep coming back to trying to gleen information from the node help inside of H10 itself.

Does anyone have anything resembleing a manual? Thank you.

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You should ask support if you're trying to do this. Remember that HQueue is still in beta. You sound like you will need hbatch licenses anyhow.
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I recently contacted support with this reply:

Unfortunately, the HQueue help documentation is rolled in with the HQueue server so ironically it isn't available until the server is actually running. We are looking into uploading an HTML version of the help onto our website for reference.

DOH! They did give me this though:
- Make sure that the pre-requisite packages (python2.5, mysql-client, mysql-server, python-mysqldb) are installed.
- Then download Houdini for Linux and run the installer (i.e. houdini.install)
- In the product menu, choose HQueue. I would suggest installing a copy of Houdini as well since HQueue requires hserver to be running in order for it to verify licenses. If hserver is already running on the machine, then you can skip installing Houdini.
- Follow the steps in the installer. When asked for a mysql db account and password, you can try ‘root’ as the user and an empty password. This typically is the default on most Linux distros.
- Once installation is complete, you can view HQueue help documentation at http://localhost:5000/help. [localhost] The docs include information on how configure HQueue and add client machines to the system.
- If localhost:5000 is unavailable, then the server is not running. You can view /opt/hqueue/errors.log to see what the error is.

Once it's up the help documentation is good though.
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I have done, is you told. But after install I recieve message:
./houdini install: 875:source: not found

Error: Could not install HQueue
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