RFE: Don't import invisible objects

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I'm importing an asset that's quite complex (a character rig). Parts of the rig are made from some other otls, so the insides of the rig otl consist of geometry and other assets.

What I'd like to see in UE4 once I imported the HDA is just the deformed meshes (head, torso, legs etc) that have the display flag set inside my the rig OTL.

However, the Houdini Asset outputs pretty much everything that's inside, so instead of 4 or 5 “Houdini Generated Meshes”, I have a list of more than 700, with lots of bones, bone root nulls and so on.
Besides being inconvenient, it makes the asset extremely slow.
Dragos Stefan
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It's a good point. We've added the feature request to our tracking.
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This has been referenced in
https://github.com/sideeffects/HoudiniEngineForUnreal/issues/21 [github.com]

and filed as an RFE #73657

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