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Hi guys
I tried houdini in unreal for the first time today, so Noob alert!
I would like to know if it is possible to use vertex colors to drive a shader on instances.
Let me try and explain what I'm doing:
I'm creating an environment made out of 3d pixels. Something between mindcraft and lego.
I do this by converting my environment to a vdb, then I use a points from volume sop, and copy my cube instance onto those points.
If I have color info on the points I used to copy with, is there a way I can read that color in unreal and apply it to the instances.
Also, is this the best way to do this kind of thing?
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Instances in Unreal don't support vertex paint. However there is a material node in Unreal that can create random color variation based on instances. If your objects don't move, you could randomize color based on mesh position. That data could be also be saved in UE 4.15 upwards, I think. Another possible way to do this, would be to make different instance placements for different materials.
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