Export multiple fbx files unstable

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Here you can se empty fbx files in Unity. Its supposed to be a complete square!

I have a big mesh I need to slice up and export multiple fbx files instead of one. I have a solution but it is not stable. Often fbx files are empty! This is my solution to export multiple fbx files. I press Animate frames same amount as I have fbx files to export. If you have som light to spread on this matter, then I am very grateful! Example scene is able for download. thanks!
Using Houdini 16.5.439

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FBX_Export_Loop.hipnc (96.3 KB)

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So I solved it by make file->new asset and make it python type and write like

and then use boolean to export selection.

worked like a charm!

script like this

def onButtonPress():
    node = hou.pwd()
    geo = node.geometry()
    #group Node
    Box = hou.node('/obj/Dressing/box1')

    BoxSize = 100
    BoxX = -100
    BoxZ = 350

    #fbx node
    fbxNode = hou.node('/obj/Dressing/fbx_out2')
    exportPathBase = hou.parm('/obj/Dressing/exportLevel1/exportPath').eval()
    Index =1
    Level = "Level2"

    exportButton = hou.parm('/obj/Dressing/fbx_out2/execute')
    #looping and exporting
    for x in range(0, 6):
        for z in range(0, 6):
            #update group selection
            #update fbx node and export
            newExportPath = exportPathBase+str(Index)+".fbx"
            fbxNode.setParms({"sopoutput": newExportPath})
            print newExportPath
            Index +=1
    hou.ui.displayMessage("------------------->Export Finished<-------------------")
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