KineFX- display issue with multiple Rigpose nodes in HDA

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Hi guys,

I'm doing hda for human fingers and it has multiple rigpose nodes for(fist,splay,relax.etc..)and i blend them to the original skeleton with skeleton blend.After that i have a rig pose node which is to give the user individual ctrl on each fingers and i want to expose only that rig pose node onto my hda.
so the problem that encountering is once i go to hda level its showing up all my rig pose nodes.

Inside the hda

outside the hda

it would be great if someone could help with this issue as i just want to see final joints with just exposing the the final rigpose nodes to the user.

Screenshot 2021-03-25 20.07.03.png (779.4 KB)
Screenshot 2021-03-25 20.09.04.png (863.9 KB)

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