What's the easiest way to un-HDA / disassociate a node?

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I've an unlocked HDA that I'm diving into and making changes to specifically for a hero object. As long as it stays unlocked none of these changes will affect the actual HDA asset, which is good.

It'd be even safer, though, if I could disassociate this unlocked node from the HDA asset on disk - get rid of that little red unlocked padlock - and get rid of the "Save Node Type" and "Match Current Definition" context menu items, both of which would spoil my day somewhat.

I don't want to create a duplicate HDA, as this is a single-use situation (and zomg I need to stop feeding my HDA library as it's got kinda obese). And there's nothing to stop me copying everything into a new geo node, but then there's all the parameters, of which there are... many.

Is there a quick way?
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Hi there!

I'm not sure if there's an easy way to disassociate your unlocked node from the HDA but I guess you could try saving your current node's unlocked state to the gallery and reload whenever needed.

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