Multiply Vellum objects/vellum constraint propertys in DOPS

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Hello again.
First of all i really don´t want to spam anything but i am really trying to build some
"advanced" vellum setups without having some one to ask. Watched like almost all tutorials/forum posts
but don´t really find stuff which solves my problems.
So hopefully for the last time:
I animate the pressure constraints of one vellum object in DOPS via the vellumconstraintsproperty node which works fine.
Now i want to bring in a second vellum object and animate it´s constrains too. But i don´t know which input to use in the vellumconstraintsproperty node and how to set it up correctly...
Another thing which i don´t understand is why the popforce is not working anymore when i put in a vellum source object to the normal vellum object. the plan was to emit multiply objects over time with the popforce and the vellum object but somehow it does not work well together...

Would be so nice if some one could have a look at this stuff..thanks:S
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Hey Edwin,

You can use the group field in the vellum constraint property to limit which source you are going to affect.

Something to keep in mind, vellum is a point based solver, so usually you want fairly uniform points coming in (unless you have a specific setup in mind). So, using a remesh is great. A poly reduce gives very uniform triangles and can lead to some weird/unexpected simulations (sometimes it is what you're after, so maybe it was intentional on your part).

Not sure if my hip is what you were after. But maybe it's helpful.
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