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Multiply Vellum objects/vellum constraint propertys in DOPS 2021年11月28日11:33

Hey Edwin,

You can use the group field in the vellum constraint property to limit which source you are going to affect.

Something to keep in mind, vellum is a point based solver, so usually you want fairly uniform points coming in (unless you have a specific setup in mind). So, using a remesh is great. A poly reduce gives very uniform triangles and can lead to some weird/unexpected simulations (sometimes it is what you're after, so maybe it was intentional on your part).

Not sure if my hip is what you were after. But maybe it's helpful.

Iron Man Challenge 2020年7月31日10:52

This was super fun! Thank you!

Day 31 | Materials: Incandescent 2020年7月31日10:23

Day 31: Incandescent.. Can it be that we are finished?? :O :O :O What a month it's been. THANK YOU sidefx for the challenge and constant inspiration as a company. I have learnt so much and am more in love with houdini now than ever before. What a powerful piece of software with an incredible team to support us!