[HDK] Question about trimmed NurbsSurfaces in C++

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I am currently writing an importer: opennurbs->Houdini in c++. My goal here is to get more control over the tesselation process and structure (layers, colors, instancers, maybe userdata, maybe Materials)
I am stuck with trimmed surfaces. I have no idea how this could work. What is the strategy here to create trims with GD_TrimLoop, GD_Detail, profiles, GD_TrimPiece... Are there any examples?

this piece of code obviously does not work, as it returns 0

GEO_PrimNURBSurf* surf = (GEO_PrimNURBSurf*)prim;
int create = 1;
GEO_Profiles* profiles = surf->profiles(create);
std::cout<<"has profiles? " <<surf->hasProfiles()<<std::endl;

In this screenshot i can show that i already can import some object types, needs more work and testing though. Here you can see that fbx nurbs import is not sufficiant with rational nurbs data. I know there is iges too, which works well, but is unstructured.
Any help appreciated

objecttypes.jpg (512.6 KB)

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