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FFX Geometry Explainer is an assistive HDA for Educators, and DIY learners. As a beginner, have you struggled with understanding how Vertex, Point, Primitive, Detail, UV Seam, Edges, Half-Edges, Normals, Normal winding, and Shared/Unshared points relate in Houdini? This HDA should help.

Gumroad: https://davidtorno.gumroad.com/l/geometryexplainer [davidtorno.gumroad.com]

For Educators, there is an unlocked option, so you can dive into the tool build and customize it to your specific needs if you like.

For learners, there's a cheaper basic version that is locked, but has all the same learning info.

GE_PointVertex_ExampleAnim.gif (4.3 MB)
GE_UI.jpg (142.3 KB)

David Torno
https://linktr.ee/davidtorno [linktr.ee]
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