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hi ! do you guys know why we have such a difference between the default and a distant light in solaris ? The default light is so bright compared to a light in Solaris.

I was expecting the Solaris viewport to match with Karma as much as possible.
If i set a usd preview shader with openGL then render it with Karma the shader is darker.

My viewport light is set to 0.8 gamma 2.2

It seems to be a problem for us as we set the shaders in Houdini and make the layout in Maya. And usdpreview shaders get darker in Maya, but they look the same as Hydra in Maya and Karma in Houdini, but not like the Houdini viewport. I guess we could just find a workaround : working with a light setup in Houdini for openGL shading and not using viewport light, or lift the shader values in Maya. But I just want to know if we are missing someting or not

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