HQueue - RPC Timeout Issues

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get HQueue working. I'm guessing it's a config issue, but any tips/direction is appreciated.

Present setup:

Multiple windows client art stations
One (presently) linux render node
One linux HQueueServer node

The nodes above have ports 5000-5001 and 37800-37801 open. They all have (except for HQueueServer) a valid houdini license.

Path Map (this says deadline, but that's what the NAS was named. I'm having issues with deadline as well) is attached.

HQueue Settings

Verbose logging is on.

Message queue Settings

The error I get:

*** Starting:
/opt/hfs19.5.534/bin/mqserver -p 37801 -n 1024 -l 2 -c /mnt/deadline/houdini/pdgtemp/40580/pdgmq_server.txt -w 37800 1024 result

PDG_MQ 37801 37801 37800
## Message Queue Server Running
Force stopping server!
Caught Signal 2, signalling child 4075264

** Finished with Exit Code: ITIMER_PROF (2)

Any tips to get this on the right track are appreciated.

pathmap.png (33.0 KB)
hqeueue-settings-1.png (37.2 KB)
mqueue.png (18.1 KB)

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