Can't find Hydra plugin 'HdPrmanLoaderRenderer

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I am trying to set up Renderman 25.1 on a Rocky Linux 8.7 farm machine with Houdini 19.5.605. When I try to render using Husk and the prman delegates, none of them say they are supported:

husk --list-renderers
Render Delegates:
- BRAY_HdKarma (Karma)
- HD_HoudiniRendererPlugin (Houdini GL) - unsupported
- HdPrmanLoaderRendererPlugin (RenderMan RIS) - unsupported
- HdPrmanXpuCpuLoaderRendererPlugin (RenderMan XPU - CPU) - unsupported
- HdPrmanXpuGpuLoaderRendererPlugin (RenderMan XPU - GPU) - unsupported
- HdPrmanXpuLoaderRendererPlugin (RenderMan XPU) - unsupported
- HdStormRendererPlugin (GL) - unsupported

I have ran prman on a rib file, so it appears to be licensed and running. I have hserver running, pointing to the same server that my workstation does so I assume it's licensed as well. I have the same env vars set up between my workstation and the farm machine, but the workstation renders fine and the farm machines says unsupported. Any ideas why the prman delegates would be unsupported? Perhaps because it doesn't have a video card or run x? Thank you!
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