Can you query parm data from inside an hda file?

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It's already possible to query certain information inside an HDA file before it's loaded, for example:


will list all "assets" in the HDA, but is it possible to query any other information or metadata? (i.e. Parameter (parm) data)?

I would really like to be able to query parameter info if possible, for example - whether the "basegroup" > "sidefx::maya_component_selection_type" tag exists, and if so, what it's value is (i.e. "vertex", "face", etc...)

If this isn't (currently) possible from an unloaded hda filePath, is there any way to query this info after the hda is loaded and instantiated as an Asset node in Maya?

Apologies if this is already covered in the plugin docs or on this forum, I did look first but didn't find anything.
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