Multi Wheel RigidBody Simulator HDA

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Multi Wheel RBD Simulator is a Houdini HDA (Digital Asset) for driving and capture (live in the viewport) multi axle vehicle movement via XBOX Controller.

Available on Gumroad: []

Plenty of options to define the axle count and shape of the car, ground, physics behaviour, steering angles, front/back/all wheel drive and a lot more.

Example of a 2-axle geo binding with a Jeep model.

Example scene (included) with a rough Scifi-Spacerover model.
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rbd_multi_wheel_sim_jeep.gif (6.4 MB)
rbd_multi_wheel_sim_multi.gif (7.1 MB)
rbd_multi_wheel_sim_xbox_contrl.jpg (159.4 KB)
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