offset on heightfield when importing into unreal

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I've been doing some tutorials on using houdini engine with unreal, but I've noticed a fairly large offset/mismatch between my heightfield geometry between the two applications, so extracted geometry from the heightfield no longer lines up once it's loaded into unreal.

These are both being imported by an HDA that loads geometry written to disk from houdini.
From what I understand the houdini engine plugin should calculate the transform and scale for this automatically. I've made sure the HDAs are instantiated at origin and have no transforms, I'm not really sure where else to look to debug this. Is there a convention for heightfield resolution or scale that needs to be followed?

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I was having the exact same issue. If I used a generated landscape as an input, convert to polygons, and the output is unpredictably shifted, and mis-matched, looked exactly like yours.

Finally got it perfectly lined-up by:

- Both landscape and mesh HDAs needed to be SOP level (not object)
- Using HDA Inputs, instead of object merge ("Maximum Inputs: 1") to connect Landscape
- On the HDA in Unreal set Input to "World" and choose the generated Landscape (not the HDA object!) using the "Set Selection" / "Use Selection" workflow
- Heightfield using recommended landscape sizes [] (1009)

Not sure which of those really fixed it (I'm still new to Unreal), or if all are required. But worth a try if anyone finds this post.
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