Second test and largest Pyrosimulation ive ever made:

Made in Houdini, rendered in Redshift

The Simulation has a Voxel Count of approx 450 Million Voxels.
Rendertime in Redshift was about 3 minutes in general on 1080x1080

Simulation took 8 hours on CPU.

Total Size of the simulation is 264gb (vel, density, heat field) the other fields are deleted otherwise the simulation would have a size of 1.2 TB.
The entire Simulation is retimed in Post - 50% slower.

Special thanks to Varomix Wey ( ), he showed me how it is possible to save more diskspace. This is possible by using the Volume Compress Sop., this brought 50% of Free Disk space while not loosing any detail. So in short words the Volume Fields are now compressed to 16bit. This brings also some speed improvements in rendering.

CG Supervisor

Alexander Weide is a 3D artist and supervisor based in Dresden, Germany. For over 10 years he has been working mostly remotely as a professional freelancer in the field of 3D animation and VFX. At the age of 12 he opened a 3D software for the first time. In the last 24 years he worked in the 3D, film and VFX area also within a feature film production from Germany. Thereby he gained a lot of experience which he increasingly passes on in the last years. He founded a Youtube channel on which he distributes RenderMan and Houdini tutorials and gives insights into his work. A tutorial initiative of his was recently published on Pixar's learning platform for RenderMan. Also a Discord server for learning Houdini RenderMan was started 2 years ago.


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