VEX is really powerful language system in Houdini. Just fact that you can recreate most of the nodes that ships with Houdini out of the box is mind blowing.
What this means for us designers?
Well, possibility to go low level and do some stuff that you can’t in other software packages, or it is very hard, means we can be more free in materializing our ideas and visions.
For example, shop context and shader development system in Houdini allows you to affect any value that is fabric of shader and return a meaning-full value in a sens of shader that can be rendered.
This system is test that is based on fact that is possible to distort uv tiles coordinates in shop vex context. As assumption is proved, a lot of possibilities for motion graphics effects are opening.
This particular poc (proof of concept) for animation project is designed from one plane grid object, one distant light, and one texture in shop’s “material shader building” network. I found that Houdini’s Mantra handling of displacements is stunning. With each next project like Mantra more and more, seems like really reliable rendering solution.
Idea is developed, now I’m look forward for doing some high res renderings and look development for style on static frames.
After that next stop is animating values on developed shader for small motion graphics project - animation.


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