Kalibrate V

Animation depicting the process of a custom vitamin supplement.
With the exception of the mailbox, everything else was modeled in Houdini.
Rendered using Octane.
Houdini's procedural nature helped me make quick changes to the animation. Closing the caps was done using the SOP solver and a group SOP to set an attribute as the capsule arrived at a predetermined location.


  • badr.ennadif 4 年 前  | 

    what is the usual deadline to create such as a video please

  • reelinspirations 4 年 前  | 

    Something like this would take close to 2-3 weeks to create, maybe more, but it would depend on if you already had a script and the VO written, etc.
    As far as 3D work I think it took me 2-3 weeks to complete including rendering.

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