PAB - Procedural Architecture Builder

A suite of tools that leverage the power of proceduralism while maintaining deep artistic control to build architectural pieces.



I'm a self taught CG Generalist. I've started learning Maya back in January 2018. My first project was for a friend in Architecture School, I've helped him with everything related to 3D and video editing. The continuous change in the project made me look into Houdini. Seeing how amazing it was and the possibility it offered, I decided to let Maya aside and focus only on it. A choice I definitely do not regret. Aside the regular masterclasses and tutorials, I've started working on my own procedural assets in Houdini, to put in practice what I've learned and expand my knowledge of the software. I've worked on a lot of different assets, mainly focusing on architecture and workflow enhancement tools. Seeing the rapidly growing interests across multiples industries and the vast array of possibilities offered by Unreal Engine 4, as well as the amazing and powerful combination with the Houdini Engine, I decided to invest time in learning it. It was a great decision and it helped me widen my knowledge of the CG world and express my creativity as well as give me new ideas for future projects and possibilities. In addition to Houdini and UE4, I use DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Quixel Mixer, Affinity Publisher/Designer/Photo as well as Nuke; which is a software I would like to invest more time to learn in the future. My main passions aside of the never-ending possibilities of proceduralism and the CG/VFX world in its entirety, are mainly film and music. I also like going to concert and festival and many other things. I'm open for job opportunities !

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