Based around the video here: and
Done in Houdini with a sop solver, some vdb nodes (to maintain a uniform detail) and a velocity field. I have a few more in the works, with different shapes / shaders.
Shoutout to Eetu on odforce as well, for giving a basic explanation of it which helped me figure it out.
Hip File for those interested. It's basically measure curvature, use as mask to displace/advect along gradient and vel field. Pretty simple for how neat it looks! It, for whatever reason is a bit crashy. Something with the sop solver and vdbs seems to make Houdini crash more often, usually when interactively hitting esc to stop the sim.

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  • Cyzor 7 年, 9 ヶ月 前  | 

    Very nice. Beautiful, mesmerizing, and a little sickening.

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