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Anybody actually using the Layout LOP? 2023年3月24日21:36

pretty buggy tbh, needs a ton of updates to be usable

Solaris renders in Viewport but doesn't in ROP 2023年3月13日19:09

I had a problem but rendering Arnold's SICK instead of HUSK solved the issue

Solaris Husk is slower than Hydra rendering with Arnold 2023年3月4日7:49

not sure if Arnold issue or Houdini but rendering in viewport with rendersettings from stage is much faster than rendering with Husk to disk.

things I tried:
- made viewport resolution same rendersettings res
- render everything with a single process (worse)
- double checked the viewport is reading the rendersettings from stage
- tried flipbooking but it wasnt updating the vdb sequence from disk and I was getting the same frame of the smoke for the whole flipbook duration.