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Anamorphic workflows in Solaris 2022年6月25日15:45

So to get it to render to disk correctly and also look correct in the viewport, change the aspect ratio conform policy to 'adjust pixel aspect ratio'. Keep in mind the pixel res used will directly affect the actual pixel aspect ratio.

that doesn't work for hydra viewport renders. I didn't test disk renders yet

Anamorphic workflows in Solaris 2022年6月25日5:57

apparently this is more complicated than I thought, hope someone explains the steps in a list for a correct "pixel aspect ratio of 2" workflow and what version of Houdini they are using

Anamorphic workflows in Solaris 2022年6月19日14:28

I have the same problem but I am having trouble replicating the solution.
can you add the steps in a list so it can help any future readers more easily?