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Lake House - for loop 2021年1月15日0:41

Figuring out how to translate the old for each subnet to the new for loops has definitely been one of the more confusing things I've tried to learn in Houdini
I bet

for learning purposes you can always unhide deprecated nodes (until they are fully removed) to be able to follow old tutorials
just open textport (Alt+Shift+T) and type
opunhide Sop foreach

then in Sop Tab menu you should see Foreah Subnet, even though you may have gone through this particular hurdle, it may be useful for other operators in the future as getting stuck can be demotivating, but of course learning the new stuff eventually is way to go

Yeah I totally know that trick and have used it in the past when I was following along and just needed something to work. However, in this case I really wanted to push myself and see if I could translate it. Definitely hasn't been easy, but I learned far more about how Houdini works than if I just used the old nodes and followed the tutorial exactly.

Lake House - for loop 2021年1月14日21:10

the old Foreach if you tell it to start at 0 and end at 0 , then it will do exactly 1 iteraton, iteration 0
the in the new For Loop Block you are telling it to do 0 iterations, so it will not do any and return nothing

so you may need to alter your expression to not and not subtract 1, I'm guessing

Thanks Tomas! I actually managed to get through most of first volume. I still have one little section left, and hopefully there's nothing too confusing in there. In any case, I was planning on posting fixes to all the gotchyas that seemed to have me stumped before. Figuring out how to translate the old for each subnet to the new for loops has definitely been one of the more confusing things I've tried to learn in Houdini, but I feel like I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. Fingers crossed it gets easier as I move forward through the next volumes.

Lake House - for loop 2021年1月8日1:45

because stamp() function is only valid during the cooking of the for subnet or old copy sop for that matter, you can't see the evaluated value as it's different every iteration so when observed it's not cooking at that moment and it falls back to the value specified as third argument, so in your case 0

new for loops allow you to observe a single iteration, by default is the last one, but you can pick a specific one so thats why detail() expression is able to resolve the actual value when observed as the metadata node still holds the values that belong to chosen iteration

otherwise your result in viewport seems to be the same, if thats the case, it appears to be working correctly during cooking

(also 3rd argument in detail() is component index, while in stamp() it's the mentioned fallback value, so while they may seem similar when both written with 0, they mean very different things)

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes this makes sense. I was actually able to get all the way through the first volume of this tutorial, but now I'm having an issue with only certain seeds working, and I've been comparing the two networks wondering if this could be the cause. But, since the viewport output is the same, this seems more unlikely.

As I move through both networks, the other thing that seems like it might be an issue is in the closed balcony section with the treat_body loop. I wonder if I replaced the opinputpath expression correctly by referring directly to the node which the previous opinputpath index 1 seemed to refer (find_closed_balc). They evaluate the same, both as 0, but in this case it seems to make all the geometry disappear.

Here's an example of my network and evaluation:

Here's an example of Anastasia's network and evaluation: