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Single layer exr's 2022年11月28日18:21

There are other reasons to prefer a discrete file per AOV. If you don't want to archive AOVs that didn't contribute to the final comp, for instance. Or if you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you'd like to version up only a portion of the render.

materialx in Solaris - bad normals? 2022年11月9日14:39

Are you using normal maps? I was having a similar problem at first and found that my problem was that I had forgotten to set the Signature in my Image nodes to Vector, so Karma was assuming the normals were sRGB and 'helpfully' linearizing them for me.

Sopimport: toggle Load from disk vs. import from sops 2022年10月31日13:11

Please, from a "one man, one .hiplc" perspective, what would be an ideal way to toggle Sopimport's Load from disk versus import "live" from sops?

The attached solution, is it a right way to do the toggle?

Seems like a reasonable solution, yes, if you need to keep the option of switching back to the SOP Import available. If there is more than one such switch, I might add a Context Option ( in order to switch them all at once with a single control.

Also, can the Sopimport`s Layer Save Path be written to disk without downstream USD ROP?

There's no internal save mechanism in the SOP Import—it requires a USD ROP at some point if you want to put the USD to disk. You don't necessarily need to branch it off, though. As long as there is no Layer Break between the SOP Import and the USD ROP at the bottom of the tree, the Crag layer will be saved when that ROP cooks. That said, I'd probably leave the ROPs as they are but put a Layer Break right below the Switch so as to avoid re-saving that data unnecessarily.