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Cody Spahr is a technical artist at SideFX, with a background in game dev.
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West Kelowna, Canada

Houdini Engine

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Assets (not objects) used as inputs for HDA 2024年5月23日14:12

If you want to select assets from your content browser, change the hdas input from 'world input' to 'geometry input'. object level HDA would make no difference, you're right.

Also, to touch on the other point, while there is more you can do within blueprints and houdini api, by default the hda inputs will take the actors of the blueprint results.

Is somewhere an Houdini plugin update for unreal 5.4? 2024年4月24日18:21

Latest update I've gotten was 5.4 was postponed for tomorrows production build. And will be available on Fridays daily builds, as tomorrow's release didn't give us enough time for testing.

And for 19.5, the fixes will need to be ported over by the team, and will not include binaries for 5.4, and users will need to build it themselves.

Is somewhere an Houdini plugin update for unreal 5.4? 2024年4月11日15:20

Once 5.4 is out of preview mode, we will do our internal changed to the plugin and launch it as soon as we can. Usually it takes around 1-2 weeks after the Unreal version goes live.