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PDG cooking is expecting files to be under UE install? 2023年6月25日16:35

For anyone having this issue still, here is a direct link to Inde Pixels video on ENV VAR:

Very easy to set up!

Also refer to PDG for Indie Gamedev | Section 2 | Video 8+9

Does the HeightField File node not work in a PDG network? 2023年5月26日13:32

If you can log a bug and include your hip file we can take a look. []
I can submit this form later today or early this weekend. Should I also include the TIFF file I'm trying to use? Ultimately, I am merging 100+ TIFF files, but just one will show the issue.

Does the HeightField File node not work in a PDG network? 2023年5月26日1:45

Hello Houdini people,

I followed some simple tutorials by Indie Pixel/Houdini to create a PDG network for use inside Unreal Engine. Everything is going decent, except for my real-world height field terrain. The terrain imports info UE completely flat. The PDG output in Houdini is fine, however, which is strange. I tried a simple height field noise export within the same PDG network using HE for UE, which worked fine. A HDA with the same data, outside of a PDG network, also bakes fine in UE. I attached an image of the flat, incorrect terrain.

Could this be something to do with file pathing? I have tried $HIP, $JOB, $PDG_OUT, and fill file directory paths. I can't get any of them to work.

Any possible solutions would be really appreciated. I can supply more info if needed for someone to help. It would be awesome to have a real-world, split landscape automated inside Unreal with PDG.