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Best Way to Learn Houdini to become specialized VFX artist 2022年9月1日4:05

While you can still become proficient as a self-taught and with free-ish tutorials, I would recommend to take some high-end course.
Without promoting anyone, there are excellent water sim ones out there, even online. It's a complex topic, studios have their own way of doing it, and it's best to learn it from the pros.
Of course, they are quite expensive, but one has to invest in their own career...

Good luck.

Smoke solver not making geometry disappear. 2022年8月31日3:33

Hi, apparently your video is private. Could you make it available?

Debate question - should SideFX invest in paint/sculpt? 2022年8月25日3:56

Personally, I would prefer that Houdini stayed true to its roots, and development was focused on procedural tools & sims, rather than going the Blender way, and trying to be a jack of all trades.

At the end of the day, it's about deciding to dedicate your engineering resources to doing one thing well or many so and so.