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Labs Niagara ROP max frames 2022年7月12日16:02

Is there a limit of 10 seconds in reading the particle cache in the Niagara System? I exported 240 frame particle cache but having trouble getting the Niagara System to spawn more particles after 10 seconds.
I've set the Loop Behaviour to Infinite and Loop Duration to 240.

Skeletal Mesh Input? Sync animation from UE4 to Houdini. 2022年2月8日0:03

Is it possible to have a SkeletamMeshActor in your scene with a playing animation be synced to Houdini?
I noticed that the Sub-Network Input has an option for a Skeletal Mesh Input but there are no selection options like in the Wolrd Outliner Input option.

newbie: should I be getting camera bug in 18.5 karma render? 2021年3月17日12:38

I was getting the same issue on 18.5.3 but not in 18.5.4