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Vellum cloth attach and orientation 2020年12月9日19:09

I've had a few occasions recently where I've attached Vellum cloth pieces to hair curves.

The typical distance constraints for attaching the cloth haven't been quite right, leaving it with an obvious tendency to rotate or spin around the curve.

The problem I've broadly solved with additional geometry. Branches from the main curve maintain their orientation while giving the cloth something to attach to. This works, but it strikes me that there are likely less convoluted methods of achieving the same result.

I've attached a clip of a spinning constraint, versus not spinning branches.

How wrong am I?


I should qualify that the “Yes” label in the video implies yes that you're looking at the “good one”, not the one with the spinning constraints.

Geometry pieces to FBX 2020年1月9日14:26

Wowzers. @pdg_output in a file parm I'd clocked, so of all the things to miss!

Thank you so much.

Geometry pieces to FBX 2020年1月9日6:15


A question appeared on the Think Procedural Discord channel that felt as though it would easily be covered by TOPs (of which, admittedly, I've extremely limited experience):

“How to export different pieces of a model to individual FBX files?”

The separation of pieces was very straightforward, creating a group per piece allows TOPs to create comparable work items. One geometryInputTOP later, and we have our separated .bgeo files.

Onto writing FBX files. Given that the journey up to this point was trouble free and largely predictable, it felt as though format conversion would follow a similar pattern, but no joy so far.

All signs point toward a ROP_fetchTOP; though the relationship between this and the subsequent filmboxfbxROP is my point of failure, in a way that makes me feels as though I'm missing a fundamental piece of puzzle. The fbxROP's Export parm is what would select the geometry network to write, but in the case of Export parm vs TOPs, what's required?

I've spotted a few similar discussions around the web, including one here [], but none reach closure.

So, geometry pieces to separate FBX files. What am I missing?