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I did software for 20 years, mostly testing, but some coding and full life cycle work as well. Always had art on the back burner. Both fine art and computer generated art. I took Maya and 3DS Max back in the Alias Research days, but decided to stick with my engineering firm. Company downsizing, boun...  more
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Toronto Area, Canada

Houdini Engine

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I am available for Full Time Work

Recent Forum Posts

Iron Heart Submissions 2024年4月6日0:00

ok that's it.
Thank you Robert and Moeen, and Sidefx and all the competitors/artists/software gurus who created a month of fun entries...See you soon..

Day 23 | Character | Feather Template | Image 2024年4月5日23:55

We'll that's cutting it close - Iron Cappie..entry.
Yah I like feather and hair but need to spend more time on my final 3 lates entries.

Day 22 | Character | Hair Generation | Image 2024年4月5日22:35

Well I really wanted to go with the chicken, thinking it would be a pretty easy small mod...but too many moving parts left me with some whiskers added, but they would not render....

Let's just say the rooster kept shaving when I tried to take it's picture....or maybe only.