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installing just the houdini engine maya plug in 2021年4月10日3:42

standalone installer for Houdini Engine?

Bricker 2.0 VOP node: how to use? 2021年3月13日12:35

Hello, I need to generate a brick pattern on a mesh. Could someone help me get started with the Brocker node? I tried many things but I don't find it in the TAB menu... []


Smoke Material transparency or opacity 2021年3月9日9:59

Hello mr CatFish, thanks for the tips!

After some more test back in the basicsmoke shader , I found out that the "density Scale" slider does what I was looking for!

By the way, how can I check the density value in my volume nodes? For example when I select a volumevop then go to the Geometry Spreadsheet, the "points" mode shows nothing, and the "primitive" mode only shows "0 density".