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Transfer material (Cd, Alpha) to point attributes 2021年5月13日6:31

Ok it actually worked just fine. I'm not sure what I did. I created a new material, changed the texture type few times from tiff to png back and forth.

Case closed!

Transfer material (Cd, Alpha) to point attributes 2021年5月13日6:08


I want to bake out a low poly asset from imported low poly mesh. The mesh uses texture for color and alpha, like in a picture.

I want to make another hyper low poly asset. I've tried using baking tools from Labs, but it seams they only work for point or prim attribs. They completely ignore my material.

So now I'm thinking... is there a way to transfer material texture (Cd, Alpha) to point attribute?

There is this Attrib From Map SOP. It transfers some color, but it's not right. And it doesn't transfer alpha at all.

Houdini on Ubuntu 2018年6月12日20:39

Ok so I checked today. And I have to say it finally recognize my GPU (GTX 1060). I might not have restarted the system after installing the drivers.

And the drivers Im using are proprietary Nvidia drivers. Exactly says:

Using NVIDIA driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-390(poprietary, tested)

Ive read about this Secure Boot and Im not so sure if I want to disable it now. Lets wait a day or two and see if I keep getting crashes and issues with viewport.