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Jonathan de Blok

About Me

Technical Artist with more then 20 years of experience in the CG industry.
Advertising / Motion Graphics  | Film/TV


Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Houdini Skills

Procedural Modeling  | Digital Assets  | Motion Editing  | Animation  | PDG  | VEX  | Python
Environments  | Character Rigging  | Hair & Fur  | Cloth  | Mantra  | Karma  | Lighting  | Pyro FX
Crowds  | Muscles  | Solaris  | Fluids  | Destruction FX  | Realtime FX


I am available for Freelance Work

Recent Forum Posts

Simple Rendering Question 2024年3月2日14:25

You can add multiple render products so you can add all the resolutions you might need, then render one of those.

I'm not really familiar with the specifics but I've came across this somewhere.

"Render All Frames with a Single Process" 2024年3月1日3:18

Thanks for the insights! So if it will be 99% fine for Karma ROP users to enable it and get a great speed improvement it might be worth considering checking it by default?

If you have frames that render for 30 minutes a piece it doesn't really matter but if I rarely have scenes that go over a minute per frame and then all the fluffy bits starts to make an impact. And Just curious, do you guys also do performance test with simple spinning cube scenes? If not please consider it, rendering 2000 frames with 5 seconds of actual rendering and 20 seconds of prep per frame really really hurts!

"Render All Frames with a Single Process" 2024年2月29日2:45

The Karma ROP has a checkbox which is labeled "Render All Frames with a Single Process". What exactly does it do under the hood?

"Render all frames in a background process. Default is off. This allows continued interaction with Houdini while the render process runs.

To render multiple frames, the render process renders an image then advances the time on the scene and renders the next image (just like how the Solaris viewport plays back animation). If there is a lot of data shared between frames, this can render significantly faster compared to rendering a single frame per process."

When checked it renders out my frame sequence in 4 seconds per frame, unchecked it's around 20 seconds per frame, so why is this unchecked by default? Any drawbacks or situations where using this is a bad idea?